"I’m grateful for Diana Vitantonio, every day. The 10 days I spent with @dianavitantonio were one part exorcism, one part enlightenment. She is pretty much the most powerful person on the planet (no coincidence Wonder Woman’s name is also Diana). Thank you, Diana, for daring me to stay in the fire, to cry out loud in front of 20 people for five days over everything I’d refused to cry about for the previous 36 years, for always being forthright and 100% honest, yet welcoming and warm, for helping me build a ladder and lighting a fire under me to climb out of three years’ postpartum depression and for teaching me that neither #yoga nor life is about the pursuit of someone else’s definition of perfection. I appreciate your energy and, oh, that laugh. Thank you for changing my life, Diana."

- Gina Prodan, teacher training student


"Diana Vitantonio is an amazing force of energy. She has an inner spirit that naturally will connect to your problem and try to comfort you. Diana is connected to her innermost loving person, and it radiates from her. She will amaze you and allow you to reconnect with the deepest, most important part of yourself. Why do I recommend this? Because this is the experience this being of light gave to me. Effortlessly. Just being close to Diana is transformative. I am forever reminded of how she saw into my soul, connected to me, and offered me loving peace. And, I am grateful."  

-Steven, yoga student


"Hello Diana, I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since Breathless teacher training. I was guided to sign up because I wanted to know if I still loved yoga and I wanted to spend more time with you and to hear your stories. You've sparked my creative side that's totally new to me. I'm really enjoying writing and surprised as to what shows up on the paper.the fact that I'm taking cello lessons-never would have seen that coming! I've learned music holds so much power and I'm curious as to spirituality. I'm reading about Buddha, what rosary beads stand for and mother Mary. Deepening my prayer, that prayer is to God now not just to some unknown open space. I love you and am truly grateful for you."

-La Vonne Elle Freed, teacher training student


"Diana, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this gift! I’ve gone on vacations, spas, rehab, one therapist after another, different churches, etc. in an effort to find myself (I’ve been so lost for too long). In 18 days you gave me what I have been searching for and thank you just doesn’t seem enough to say. What I am doing and hope to continue to do, is pay it forward and it just fills my heart with love to do it." 



"This training saved my life. I did not love my life before this. In fact, I wanted out. Now I wake sup saying, "I love my life!" I am conscious of what I am doing and saying where before I was living unconsciously and thinking it was all about me. I have forgiven my past. I love your saying, "Forgive and do it now because you don't have time to wait." Are there boundaries that need to be addressed... yes, but now I sit in meditation everyday and listen and wait for guidance to move forward. Now I feel like I do matter and my confidence is much better. This training has allowed me to evaluate all of my relationships. Setting healthy boundaries is huge for me because prior to the training I would just dismiss my feelings of anger or sadness and it literally was sucking the life out of me. This training has given me a new perspective and direction in my life! I now feel confident to do the things I didn't feel comfortable doing before. Breathless Yoga has taught me to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, to go into the fire and stay even when life gets fiery! To show up for my life and my relationships because it matters!"

-Jill Noble, teacher training student


"This was an amazing class!  Diana is outstanding!  This was my first time in her class and I'm so happy I did not miss it!  Her class is not a very slow class, but even for me (a beginner, and older than most) I was able to have a challenging fun time! She made an impression on me that I have carried with me. Diana's confidant, calm, expectant instructions helped me - I can do it; each time I am on the mat work hard and give 100%; BE PRESENT. She made me realize I am not pushing myself enough, and I can work harder when I am at home on the mat. Wonderful!

-Aissa Eason