This is for the woman who dives into her life heart first.  

She is the one who goes all in.

She believes in using these three things: her mind, her heart, and guts.

She doesn’t just say the catchy phrase, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

She has the integrity to live it.   

She believes that honesty, integrity and faith are the superpowers of her life.   

You won’t see her sitting quietly with her hands in prayer for too long.   

She’s in the arena. She goes for it. She is all of the elements but today she is most definitely the fire.

She takes action.

She plays to win.

She doesn’t like to fail but she’s willing to and when life gives her enough experiences she will know that failing is actually its own form of winning because it’s how you grow.

It’s how you live life with guts.

The world repeats phrases like, “follow your heart” which makes it sound as harmless as  choosing between chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

She knows the truth.

It takes strength to follow your heart, inner strength, outer strength, all the time.

In fact, it’s more than we have ever been prepared for.

She has often felt not strong enough.  

She has both crushed life and been crushed by it.

She is a truth seeker and a change maker.

She will always be obsessed with finding the truth even if it means being wrong.

The truth about following your heart is that it’s messy as fuck.  

At this point in her life she has earned permission to say fuck anytime she wants to.

She needs her alone time because that’s what makes her but she is fueled by being part of a community too.

She needs both no one and everyone.

She is strong enough to walk alone yet she build communities everywhere she goes.

She no longer believes that love is the greatest power in her life.

She knows the greatest power is actually the power of choice.

Because you have to choose to love and that she knows, sometimes takes more strength than she can muster up which is why she is here.

This is why she trains.

She knows life will bring her challenges and she is determined to be ready.

She is willing to do the work.

She is a teacher, a mother, an artist, an entrepreneur, a doctor, a go getter, a rebel, a woman willing.

She is not ok with simply existing or playing it safe.

She wants to feel alive or not be alive at all.  

She is a dreamer, a feeler, and she has often been overtaken by her emotions.   

She has learned and is still learning that emotions are the fourth superpower of life.

She still occasionally battles her demons to feel less and to numb herself but she knows that she doesn't need to be perfect or pretty ever.   

She is here to break definitions.

She is here to redefine words.

One of those words: woman.

She is here to leave an imprint.

She is here because her heart led her here.

She is standing here with fear.

She believes that courage kills the coward.

She believes in her strength and is ready to be seen.

She is a woman who knows there is more.

She is here for more.

She is strong.

And she is you.

You are that woman on fire.