Cyberyoga Workshop: Both Sessions (October 5 + 6)

Cyberyoga Workshop: Both Sessions (October 5 + 6)


Prepare for an incredible, two-part, collaborative experience.

Friday, October 5th at Edge Studios

6:30 pm - 8:30pm

Saturday, October 6th at Radiant Yoga

 12 pm - 2pm

Collaboration with Lamonte Goode, artist, dancer, choreographer, founder and creator of CYBERYOGA

Diana will begin by guiding you into your breath and your body.  She delivers intentional storytelling, and music as a way into the body, while using a  combination of yin poses, and vinyasa.  

Next Lamonte will take over and take us into is style of teaching. 

The class will focus on movement inspired by the disciplines of Acrobatics, Breakdance, Calisthenics  and yoga.  The primary training foundation will be based on unique cutting edge arm balances, handstands and headstands with the integrity of yoga foundation.  Cyberyoga classes cover strength building, body awareness, conditioning, dance movement and coordination.  This class is for all levels,  only open minds are required.

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