Every good practice deserves it's own soundtrack. Check out the latest playlists from my classes, workshops, and heartspace below.

      new playlist : EDGE


Hello Thursday!

This past week has felt like my birthday because Eminem dropped a new album. It has been giving me life!

I have some how found a way   to find some other music I'm also loving this week. 

These are some songs put together for a yoga class or for any moment in your life that you want a soundtrack to.

This playlist gets me in my body, and my soul. 

May you feel yours. 



Hello my friends.

I'm excited to bring you my latest yoga playlist. 

I hope the music and the feelings hit you deep.

Dig Deep.  Touch your soul. 



It’s been a few weeks since I put out a playlist and I missed it.  I’m happy to be back today with this. I really do love this one.  

I hope you do too. 

I titled it EDGE because so many beautiful things happen there.   

We get to choose what we want to leave behind and who we become from that moment forward.  

May you feel your whole soul and embody Her.

Let me know what you feel.