Angels Among Us


A couple of weeks ago I took my 5 pound chihuahua, Shiva in my backpack, her second home, and we ran some errands on a Saturday. After I got everything I needed, I walked into a store I normally wouldn’t go into. I have been consciously trying to do that lately, go into places I’m not in the habit of going into; opening doors to places unfamiliar. What is common is that when I carry Shiva in my bag, we get lots of attention. People love a tiny dog. While I was in the store a woman looked at me and said, “Oh my goodness! Look at your dog.” I stopped and smiled as she called her mom over to look too. Her mom took one look at us and the biggest smile washed over her face instantly. It was the kind of smile that comes from sincerity and heart. She walked right up to me in joy and started talking. She told me that she loved my dog’s sugar coated face and she told me that she thought I was wonderful to be carrying my dog around in my bag. She continued to talk to me about the extravagant ways she took care of her dog. Let me tell you, this woman was OVER THE TOP and I loved it.

After we got done talking she asked me my name and I told her, “Diana.” She then told me her name and her daughter’s name too. We started to walk away from each other when all of a sudden I turned back to her to say, “Oh, and this is Shiva” as I pointed to my backpack and the sweet soul sitting inside it. The woman gasped. She looked at her daughter as her mouth dropped open and she asked if she could hug me. I said yes and reached for her. We hugged for a long time. She told me Shiva was the name of her son’s dog. Her son died 6 years ago.

I could feel those goosebumps all over my body even in the 90 something degree heat. We said our goodbyes and she shook my hand and looked me in the eyes and said, “You and me, we were supposed to meet.” And I said, “Yes we were. And may we remember that there are angels among us”.