Sneak Peak


To be honest this one was close to not being written. I truly had moments and some days where I thought I wouldn’t write this blog. I’ll tell you more later but for now I want to say that Bachelor Number 5’s best gift to me was that he brought me to my EDGE.    

I always talk about the Edge because I train that way. I train to get strong and discovering your edge is an important part of that process. These past few weeks I have been able to describe that place with greater clarity. It’s been very profound. Many moments are challenging, however the way you know if you are truly at your edge is that you deeply and authentically want to quit and maybe you do for a moment. It’s not just physical, it’s emotional, it’s mental, it’s spiritual. There is a surrender involved - you either quit or keep going. Your soul meets you there and you go through what you go through. This is breathless. Mr. Leo helped walk me up to my edge and I was breathless and after the rebound of sitting in the intensity and learning from it, I am ready to share what I learned.   

This might be one for the most important writings I have ever written for myself.  

Be on the lookout next week for my latest blog titled Bachelor Number 5: Mr. Leo.