The other day I was watching a documentary on the life of Whitney Houston.  

There was a part that moved me to tears.

They said, “Singers sing from their hearts or they sing from their minds.”

Then they said, “Not Whitney.

She sang from her mind, her heart and

She sang with guts.”

We know it’s true because we all feel it.

As we do with anything deep and true.   

I felt those words through the screen and I cried.

And that’s been my prayer every since I saw that.

I wake up every day and I tell myself that I will do my best to

be like Whitney in that way. I want to live the way she sang.

All things with my mind, my heart and my guts.

If I can’t do that then maybe I should question if I’m in the right place.

I’m sharing this with you today because maybe you want to join me in that prayer.

Heart. Mind. Guts.

I call that all in.