Interview with Diana


I recently was interviewed by one of the studios I work with.   I had so much answering their questions!!!  

 Here are my answers.

What is your active IG handle?  @dianavitantonio and @breathlessyoga

When is your birthday?   December 14th

Pick One:

Cycle/Climb - CLIMB- all the way! 

Vinyasa/Yin-  Breathless or any class taught by Matt Giordano

Mornings/Nights - Mornings  

Beaches/Mountains- Mountains

Coffee/Wine - Coffee

Beer/Wine  - Prosecco

Heels/Flats  -Chucks  

Movie/Book - Book

Call/Text - Call

Summer/Winter - Summers in Cleveland and Winters in Sacramento

Ice Cream/Cake   - Both 

Sand/Snow- Sand.  Snow is abusive 

Instagram/Twitter- Instagram 

Lyft/Uber  Uber

Strength/Cardio- Cardio 

Puppies/Kittens- Both

Dine-In/Takeout - Dine In

Yoga Pants/Dress - Dress

Breakfast/Dinner  - Breakfast

Summer/Winter - Fall

Salty/Sweet - Both

Handstand/Child's Pose -  handstand

-Brunch/Happy Hour  Brunch forever. ( I live for Brunch)


That's a little bit about me,  now tell me about you!