Music is a Minister


Yoga means integration, it means wholeness. 

My experience has always been that music is a minister into my soul and into my body.   For this reason, music is a part of my daily life and my fitness.  It is one of the tools I use for integration.  

Music helps me stay in a feeling, it helps me stay in my body and feel it, not matter what "it" is.   Music supports both the ability to feel and express myself.  That last sentence there is freedom.  I believe that freedom is found at the end of feeling a feeling.   That has always been my experience, no matter how difficult the feeling.  

If you are resisting feeling anything, I made this playlist for you.  If you love music, I made this playlist for you.   If you don't fit into either of those categories, I made this playlist for you.   In a nutshell, I made this for you. 

I suggest grabbing your headphones (this helps you feel the body and stay inward) and take a listen to this playlist.   These songs are all mellow so you can lay down,  do yoga or whatever you need.  All you have to do is close your eyes,  breathe and commit to staying in your body. 

May you feel yourself today.