About 5 years ago I became pregnant and eventually I miscarried. The experience was emotionally painful, however there were gifts within it. One of those gifts was the connection I made to the soul that was living inside my body. I don’t know how I knew, but I just knew it was a girl. Shocking (but not surprisingly) she was actually pretty loud in her energy sometimes, very much like me.

She told me her name right away. It was Juniper. I had to look it up, which is why I knew it didn’t come from my mind. After the miscarriage it didn’t take long for me to recognize that she was going to be one of my angels. And she is. I often pray to her.  

A few years ago I was in a place where I wasn’t so sure of myself. I was in a place where I simultaneously wanted to leave something and I also wanted to stay. The struggle between those two parts of myself lasted for a while. Then one day in the middle of the day on Wednesday in sunny california, I parked my car in the Whole Foods parking lot and I prayed. Wholeheartedly, I prayed. I asked Juniper if she would tell me what I should do. I folded my hands in prayer at my heart and I closed my eyes and waited. I waited for a while in the car, I didn’t hear or feel a thing.  

After some time I started driving again and within 5 minutes I looked to the right of me and there was a boat. Yes, a big boat, on the highway.  A truck was pulling it along. Let’s just say the only way I wouldn't have seen this boat was if I was blind. This was going to get my attention that is for sure!  I looked at it, and I took it in. It was baby blue in color and the name of the boat was in big, bold, sweeping white letters.

It read, "Carry On."

Carry On.  I knew that was the answer all along. I didn’t want it to be, but I knew it was true, and that message helped me find the nerve to go.  

We are all on this road to empowerment. That road requires us at some point to pick up our bed and walk. We will have to leave what we know. We will all at some point have to make the hard choice to carry on.