I Believe The Time Is Now


When and where is your next yoga teacher training?

Diana: It's in 2 weeks on March 17th and it's being held at Radiant Yoga in El Dorado Hills, California.

Is it too late to sign up for your next yoga teacher training?

Diana: Absolutely not. When your heart calls you to do something, you'll also feel fear about it. If you have ANY thought or desire to do it then you're ready and that feeling won't leave you alone. You may just want to learn more about yourself and not even necessarily become a teacher. You may want to get closer to your own heart and fears. Whatever it is that's driving you - you are ready.

What's unique about the Breathless Teacher Training?

Diana: The hope is that you become confidant and comfortable teaching with three types of teaching: vinyasa, yin, and breathless. Vinyasa is that sort of standard, creative flow. Yin is the softer side. It's holding a pose for 3-7 minutes so you can get into the connective tissue and the parasympathetic nervous system. It's a calming practice. Breathless is a combo of yin, vinyasa and high intensity interval training where we move to the beat of the music. I truly believe that the body thrives in a place of balance.

If you could speak one or two sentences to the person who says they aren't ready, what would you say to them?

Diana: If you weren't ready, then it wouldn't appear as a a possibility in your life. I believe the time is now.

Diana Vitantonio