The Best of YOU


I saw an add about me online this morning, it came up on a Facebook memory.  

The add was for a yoga workshop that I was teaching.

It was beautiful,  I appreciated it both then and now.  

It said “ Diana Vitantonio will bring out the best in you. “    

That’s not true. 

What is true, is that YOU can bring out the best in you.   Only you can. 

This is not easy but i believe it’s worth it.  I believe we are worth it.   

That’s the great choice and responsibility, to walk into your life worthy.  

There was a second line to that add I saw this morning.  This one I have seen come true so many times.

"The experience is transformational."    

That's what happens when you choose to rise, you change. 

Bring it. 

This is your time to shine.