Dear Women


If you asked my mother what I wanted to be when I was a little girl, she would say that I wanted to be a cheerleader. Turns out that I am not a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys, but I am a cheerleader in more important ways! I just spent the last nine days with seven women and my hope is that I was a cheerleader to their dreams and to their souls. I gave myself 15 minutes to write a letter to them and this is what poured out of my heart:

Dear Women,

If you spend your time worrying and obsessing about what you look like, you will waste your life.  That’s not why people will love you. The people that matter in the end will love you because you are real. Being loved isn’t why you do what you do anyway, you will do it to EXPRESS your love and your soul. Being real will also push other people away. They might even call you names like selfish. Fearful people will try to kill you with their words. They will try to control you. You don’t need those people.

Be real. Stay real. Let it be messy.  Bring all of your self to the table. That alone will make people cry; not in pain but in relief. Those tears will water their own souls to bloom and grow which will leave them more clear and more alive. You will feel afraid to start new things. Start them anyway. Begin before you are ready. Live your life and go for it. Some things will not work out and some will. That’s o.k. That’s what life is all about.

Go for it full throttle. When you fail at jumping, pick yourself back up. Rise. Always rise. You will fall again. Rise again. Over and over.  

Technique and skill are important so learn and keep learning. Never stop being a student. Be skilled at your craft. The most important part of your work will lie in the way you connect with others through your heart, emotions and vulnerability. Be vulnerable in every area of your life and it will be your true nature. You won’t have to try to turn it on because it will always be on. Feel yourself.  Feel everything.

Do this today and then do it tomorrow and do it over and over again. This will not be a weakness. It will feel that way because of what society teaches you. Don’t listen to the outside world. Follow your heart and know your soul’s voice. Claim it and embody her.

Let people in. This will begin with your willingness to let yourself in first. Do the work. Do the real work - the kind that will make you strong. Starve your body, mind and life from saying or believing the words blame and deserve. They are not words an empowered woman speaks or believes.  

Make a vow to yourself to stop lying. Stop hiding and make integrity your God and you will see that she alone will turn fear of yourself into unconditional love of yourself and your life. Don’t worry about whether or not people like you or your art. The only person that needs to love you and the art you create is you.  Don’t waste your time explaining your art or your poetry to people that can’t see symbolically. Taking everything literally will drain you of your spirit and your life. Don’t die without expressing your art. You were born to create, so create!

Follow the way your soul leads you to go and you will truly give zero fucks about the opinions of others. It won’t be a goal to get to, it will be the place where you live. Set goals and chase them. Be the queen of the finish line. Take care of your body. You only get one. Care little about being thin. Care only about being strong and then the dream of loving your body will be the experience that you live in. Be courageous and strong-willed and forgive quickly.  Be powerful and remember that boundaries are your best friend. They won’t be easy, not at first and not ever.

Say no to the things you don’t want. Speak up and speak out and let your intuition and soul rule your life. It has a thunderous knowing about everything and it will show you and lead you to one of your life’s greatest truths: you were born loved and worthy.



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