It's All Goode.


I just spent 25 minutes on the phone with my friend Lamonte Goode.  He is coming to Sacramento on October 5th and 6th to team up with me to teach a 2 hour yoga workshop.  

I know for me, when I teach or speak or share my art, it’s about sharing my heart and my story and how I’ve become who I am.  When we authentically share our stories, true heart connections happen. Teaching is storytelling and and a way to experience how you can move from one place to another.    I was reminded of all of this when I talked the creator of CYBERyoga today.

I hope this interview finds you and moves you to come learn his story because every story uncovers gold and this man is golden.  I am always moved by his work and today I was moved by his words and his heart, I even cried and that’s what’s true.

Here are some questions I asked him and here’s what he told me.

  1. You are kind of a big deal, what did you love as a kid and how did that passion impact who you are today?

He told me he loved Kung Fu movies as a kid and was really into Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme.  He watched those movies on repetition and wanted to be like those men because they seemed more than human, like superheros.    He would have practiced martial arts before he got into dance but his family could not afford to send him there so he ended up finding dance later in his teens.   As a young boy he was inspired and curious by comic books and superheroes. He loved the idea that you could be more than human, that you could be a superhero. He wanted me to know that Michael Jackson is his ultimate inspiration and he found and fell in love with dance in his teens.  He would go to house parties and they would have dance and hip hop and breaking. He loved learning a skill and focusing on something challenging and and dance gave him that.

2.  You started practicing yoga in 2012, why is yoga so important to you?

     This is when he said “ Life is not perfect all the time.”  He was into dance and he loved dance but the dance world was aggressive, he was street dancer where there was a lot of ego, and put downs and competition and he believes yoga isn’t about any of that.  He was injured a lot, he pulled his muscles and had groin injuries so he needed something else, he needed yoga. he told me that he went through one of his darkest times in 2012, he was heartbroken and was depressed.  He found yoga at this time and said it was the positive thing that he could reach for at a very dark time in his life. He learned that out of darkness comes light and new life. This eventually became a new start for him and  this was time he came up with cyberyoga. He told me “that in the darkest time of his life he found yoga, although it had always be there.” My breath changed when he said that and I felt what he felt.

3.  For the people on the fence… why should they come

Because you and yoga have so many possibilites, not just one.    He said it would be natural for a person to seek further if they were ready to seek further.   The class will be 85 percent inversion based. He said he will teach you his tricks and leave you with “gems” for your practice.   He said you will grow physically, it will be challenging and because of that you will grow as a person. One of my favorite things he said to me is that sometime people see his photos or his videos and they look at the end result and think something about him, but he said very few people want to know his story.  And that’s what this workshop will be, him sharing his story. It will be about how he got there and how you can get there too. Not in one day, but with practice, all things come.

All you need is an open heart and an open mind to join us.   All practices of yoga are about awareness and discovering who you are and who you aren’t.  It’s about becoming conscious. The hope is that we all leave remembering who we are and seeing who we are not.  As a yoga teacher I often hear people tell me what they can’t do, If you always focus on what you can’t do, well you know what that leads to.  Successful people focus on what they can do and they don’t quit when they fail. They keep going. I believe this workshop has the possibility to make you feel unstoppable.  When you feel unstoppable anywhere, it helps you feel unstoppable everywhere.