Hi! I'm Diana. I've been teaching yoga for 17 years and, as a result, I've designed my own style of teaching called Breathless Yoga. It's a unique combination of vinyasa flow, yin and high intensity interval training where we move to the beat of the music. It's soulful and fun and an incredible workout while maintaining the heart of what yoga is for me: transformative connection to body and breath. Students who take my classes and workshops describe having fun while simultaneously spending time with their soul while getting a sweaty workout that leaves them feeling inspired and full of joy. I can't wait to meet you! The Breathless community is waiting.

See you on your mat!

xo, Diana

Diana is connected to her innermost loving person, and it radiates from her. She will amaze you and allow you to reconnect with the deepest, most important part of yourself.
— Steven, Yoga Student

...One part exorcism, one part enlightenment. She is pretty much the most powerful person on the planet (no coincidence Wonder Woman’s name is also Diana). Thank you, Diana, for daring me to stay in the fire...
— Gina Prodan, Teacher Training Student

Diana, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this gift! I’ve gone on vacations, spas, rehab, one therapist after another, different churches, etc. in an effort to find myself (I’ve been so lost for too long). In 18 days you gave me what I have been searching for and thank you just doesn’t seem enough to say.
— -Anonymous


It's time to get breathless.



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